Sprinkler Installation

A sprinkler system to suit many different watering requirements can be designed when the landscape plan has been finalized. Most watering problems can be solved utilizing today's innovative products by leading manufacturers like Hunter, Toro, Irritrol and Netafim.

For established landscapes, the installation process can begin when the ground thaws in the spring. For new landscape projects, installations can begin the when ground thaws, soil levels are at final grade, masonry and other hardscapes are completed or marked out, planting beds are completed or marked out, and traffic through the proposed area is minimized

System Opening

Oceanview begins accepting service appointments for opening systems after the first of April. Spring is the best time to ensure that the system is ready for the summer ahead. Working parts can malfunction without notice during the spring and fall. The purpose of the Spring Turn On is to avoid midsummer emergencies that can result in costly landscape damages. Experienced technicians will notice potential problems before damage can occur.


Winterizing sprinkler systems must be done after plants and lawns go dormant at the beginning of October but before the ground freezes in December. Oceanview technicians use high volume compressed air to push all water from the sprinkler system, avoiding the expansion of freezing water that will damage sprinkler parts.


Timely repair of malfunctioning sprinkler systems will avoid costly landscape damage caused by drought stress. If repairs or renovations are required, appointments are always available. Service Programs can also be tailored to accommodate the increased needs of complex residential and commercial landscapes.

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