Irrigation Systems

Services for Residential Irrigation/Sprinkler Systems

Most residential sprinkler systems require a minimal amount of service annually. The Spring Turn On service checks the system for problems, proposes any necessary repairs, and programs the controller for the spring watering season. The Watering Program will usually require an increase as summer temperatures rise. As the fall temperatures decrease, the watering program will usually require an additional change. These changes can usually be made by the property owner, or an additional Service Call can be scheduled to have it done professionally. The Winterizing service must be done before the winter temperatures arrive, to prevent exterior components from freeze damage.

Services for Commercial Properties

As a commercial property manager or a building contractor, you may have experienced irrigation companies that do not consistently deliver the kind of service you might expect. Oceanview Irrigation has vast experience with some of Long Island's most complex commercial properties. Flexible designs are available to meet the budget of most projects. We work closely with related contractors to expertly design, and maintain, a system that will address soil conditions and the watering requirements of all plant material. We also coordinate with all related contractors to ensure that your project remains on schedule. All communications are responded to promptly.

Every Oceanview sprinkler system is developed and maintained with the same commitment to detail and professionalism that you would expect for your own home.

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